7 (pretty amazing) things you can do with a modern position library

7 (pretty amazing) things you can do with a modern position library

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    An intuitive, customisable, organised position library is your unassuming HR powerhouse. It’s more than just a database (like in any old HR system). Modern position libraries are the foundation for great HR and recruitment practices! It can capture everything your business needs to know about a position, in a knowledge base that acts as a single source of truth.

    Imagine clicking into a position and finding the position description, selection criteria, duties and responsibilities, and even a draft job ad template! Any manager or HR professional will beg for a great live position description library. If you’ve worked in a big organisation without one, you’ll know why.

    So, what is a modern Position Library?

    Is exactly what the name implies! It is a central place with customisable access control where all position information is kept, updated, changed, and audited – you name it. Modern position libraries can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. Though, the more comprehensive and controlled they are, the better your business can accomplish employee and position management strategies.


    What are some of the things you can do with a modern, integrated position library:


    Track and control changes

    Multi-dimensional access control means your business can decide what records each manager and employee has access to, AND which aspect of the record each person can edit. This kind of control would be impossible if your PDs were stored and changed manually. That’s why a modern, live PD library that is integrated into your HR software is the bees knees for keeping on top of your data security and compliance. 


    Connect it to an org chart

    An org chart should be easy to read, capture all the important info about your positions and reporting lines, update automatically with position changes, AND include both open and filled positions. It should be a visualisation of your current and future business structure – without all the manual work of updating it every time a position changes reporting lines or a new position is added. You cannot achieve this kind of live, detailed org chart without connecting it to your position library.

    What if I told you connecting your position library to your org chart is easy to do? How, you ask? By using Martian Logic HR Software! We have an industry-leading org chart and the very best customisable position library in the market. 


    Save time with data flow!

    So, you have to update a position in your HR platform and change the reporting lines. With a modern position library, this task is as straight-forward as can be. You go into the library, find the position you wish to adjust, change the reporting information, and you are done. Easy.

    But what about the employee’s reporting line, the org chart, and all the other areas that now need changing?

    No need to worry. Because you are using a modern position library, it is connected in a way that means the info you update in one place, will flow through and update everywhere else it is kept! Imagine never having to copy & paste and duplicate your position changes?


    It can guide your business’s performance reviews

    When you have a position library so customisable and in-depth, you can include much more than just a job summary doc. You can add selection criteria, duties & responsibilities, salary ranges, and anything you need. You can even create a framework in each PD for what a successful person would look like in a position! All these can be used as the guidelines for your staff’s performance goals.

    Being able to have this framework to work from means your management can easily communicate expectations, create development and training plans, and measure success for their employees. That is leadership made easy and transparent!


    You can streamline your hiring

    Job ad & interview question templates. Why not add them to your PD library? The efficiency you can create from bringing all your position info into one library is astounding. By creating these standardised templates and selection criteria, you are giving your teams the tools to hire quickly and efficiently.

    Recruitment staff can immediately post job ads, your interview panels can access a guide for their interview questions, and your hiring manager can decide on a successful candidate using readily available criteria.


    You can make hiring processes fair!

    The above consistency not only helps your efficiency, but it also leaves little room for inequitable hiring! When the framework of a job is maintained in an organised PD library, you are preventing situations that could be unfair to candidates and potential employees. Info such as salary, selection criteria and standardised interview questions work to make your hiring processes as fair and consistent as possible. 


    View quick, customisable position reports

    Reporting on your positions is an important part of position management. When you have a customisable, intelligent PD library (like ours, not to brag), reporting on your positions is easy. You can view and report on any criteria your business needs, from how many positions in a certain REM were opened in a year, to comparing positions across different states or countries if you are an international organisation. This visibility and quick access to high-level data means your HR and Position Management teams are driven by accessible data.


    So, what now?

    If you don’t have one already, it is so important to empower your business with a great HR platform that has a modern, intuitive position library. Once you do that, make sure you put the time and effort into adding all the info you need to make it the best, most in-depth library it can be. The ROI from investing time in this piece of smart tech is so high – your entire organisation will thank you for it!

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