Case Study: End-to-end Recruitment & Onboarding Software solution at Allity

Case Study:  End-to-end Recruitment & Onboarding Software solution at Allity

Table of Contents

    End-To-End Recruitment & Onboarding Solution

    About the MyRecruitment+ platform

    • Requisition approval workflow
    • Recruitment and Onboarding Software
    • Posting + Recruitment Process + Candidate DB & Talent Pools
    • Plus:  Integration with your own HRMS / Payroll
    • With:  Custom-built public career micro-site for your website
    • And:  Private Internal job-board within your Intranet

    Case Study: MyRecruitment+ for Allity

    1) The Challenges

    • 45 Aged Care Homes
    • Over 1,000 new hires in a year – Large Volume
    • Variations in hiring managers’ capabilities
    • Every manager was doing their own thing
    • No centralised database for candidate history
    • Inefficient job posting across multiple sites
    • Poor Candidate Experience
    • Inefficiency generating job offers & contracts


    2) The Solution

    End-to-End Recruitment & Onboarding platform

    Request to hire workflow (requisition)
    Posting to free and paid job-boards – Seek, Indeed…
    Career Site + Internal Career Site on Intranet
    Recruitment: Shortlisting, setup interviews…
    Onboarding: job offer, employment contract, TFN Dec Form, Super Choice form… etc.
    Integration with Payroll: Transfer new hires into Chris21
    More integrations coming up for contract variations & BI
    The MyRecruitment+ Solution

    Flexible: Custom-built requisition form
    Flexible: Custom-built approval workflow to suit our various roles
    Hiring managers can submit requisitions:
    from within the platform or
    from a simple link on our Intranet

    Executives approve requisitions on the go from anywhere:
    link in email notification is mobile enabled, and;
    From the App.

    Request to hire workflow

    Just a few clicks to post a job to all the relevant sites:
    Paid: Seek, Adzuna, careerone… etc.
    Free: Indeed, Jora…
    Niche job-boards: Careers for carers, Qualified Carers… etc.
    Our own career site
    Our own internal job-board within our intranet
    Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

    Job Multi-Posting

    Easy to customize
    Any question type: Text, dropdown, multi-choice etc.
    Video Questions too can go on the form
    Create templates ready to use with different roles
    Duplicate and Edit templates in seconds

    Recruiting – Custom Application Forms

    Create Branded & personalised email templates
    Create personalised SMS templates
    Bulk Email and SMS

    Recruiting – SMS & Email templates

    Build your own online E-Forms
    Automation: Move a candidate to a stage and a link to the form is automatically sent to the candidate
    You get notified when they complete the form

    Recruiting – E-Forms & probity checks

    Custom Candidate journeys
    Automation: auto-send emails to candidates
    Custom recruitment stages within each journey
    Custom email templates for each stage in a journey
    Setup Interviews: Integration with Google & MS Office365
    Recruiting – custom process

    HR and Managers can work in an open collaborative way
    Flexible working models
    1) Managers do recruitment
    Some managers can do all the recruitment
    2) HR do Recruitment
    Some managers need help – HR do the recruitment

    Recruiting – Collaboration HR & managers

    International recruitment
    Regional recruitment
    Efficient shortling and phone screening time
    Significant time saving on shortlisting and phone screening time
    Recruiting – Video Interviews

    Digital Onboarding

    Digital Signing, even from mobiles
    All candidate experience is 100% mobile-enabled
    TFN Dec form, Super form, Bank Details…
    Videos: Welcome, corporate training, induction…
    Code of conduct and other PDF for reading
    Internal approval & signing
    Integration with ATO: Submit TFN Dec in seconds

    3) Results & Outcome

    3.1 – Improved the quality of our new hires

    Transparency & centralised candidate DB

    3.2 – We Saved Lots Of Time

    The job posting, automation & contract generation

    3.3 – Improved Our Candidate Experience

    3.4 – Improved Our Employer Brand

    • Automation:  Get back to higher % of candidates
    • Slick UX from job application to signing the contract

    3.5 – We Improved Our Compliance

    • Collect compliance documents before the contract is sent out to the candidate
    • Automating emails Requesting the required documents

    3.6 – Phased in Induction

    Induction modules sent during onboarding via onboarding software, prior to their start

    3.7 – Reducing Errors & improved consistency

    We reduced a significant % of errors made due to eliminating double handling




    Anwar Khalil

    Christine Marriott
    National Talent Acquisition Manager

    Onboarding Software Recruitment Software

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