21 Apr 2022

Why an agile HR platform is better

There is no one size fits all when it comes to HR platforms. From the request to recruit through to the applicant tracking right through to the onboarding, different organisations have different needs. An agile HR platform will allow all t...

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14 Apr 2022

How to defeat HR burnout

Burnout is not a sign of weakness, it is your body trying to tell you that you’re unable to keep going the way you are.   Workplaces can be a breeding ground for burnout due to high demands and low resources. Hence, HR partners are all too...

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17 Oct 2013

10 tips for choosing the right Recruitment Software

Choosing the right Recruitment Software can be stressful because the wrong decision could cost the organization lots of money, it’s a long term one and there is personal reputation on the line. Ideally, HR wants a RISK-FREE way to introduc...

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