How to turn a basic employment contract into an auto-generating PDF

How to turn a basic employment contract into an auto-generating PDF

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    To think in this day and age, HR is still manually replacing their contract variables for each new employee that they onboard is ridiculous. Not only is this a mistake waiting to happen, but it is a waste of precious resources.

    In the US alone, there are 78.4 million people hired each year. That is 78.4 million people who have to be onboarded using a contract specific to them and their role. 

    Now think about if each of those contracts had to be manually edited instead of automatically generated using an employee onboarding software. The time it would take to create all these contracts would add up very quickly, and even if you are only onboarding a handful of employees each year, it is still not worth the time or the risk associated with completing this process manually. 

    So, what is the alternative? Well, the alternative is transforming your employment contract into an auto-generating PDF which is pre-populated using the data collected during your requisition, recruitment and offer process. 

    What exactly does an auto-generating PDF mean?

    To put it simply, it is a document that can be automatically generated for each candidate you want to onboard that uses the data you collected during the recruitment and offer phase to pre-populate your employment contract variables. 

    The benefit of using an auto-generating PDF is that it eliminates the chance of error. When you are manually changing contract variables, you risk using out-of-date data or making a human error when copying over information. 

    With an auto-generating PDF contract, you can feel safe knowing that your data is accurate because it is being pulled from your single source of truth database.

    How to create one

    Create a new merge document

    In the content manager section of the platform, create a new merge document. Here you will have access to all the merge tags that correspond to your requisition, recruitment, offer, e-forms and onboarding data, as well as digital signatures. 

    Copy your desired tags from this list and put them into the corresponding location in your current employment contract. 

    For example, from the offer, you can take the tag for the ‘Final Agreed to Salary’ and slot it straight into where you would usually manually type the salary being offered to the candidate in your current contract. 

    Test your file

    After you have placed all your desired merge tags, you can upload your file and take a look at your merge tags at work.

    Simply start a new onboard and select yourself for testing. Select a pack, and add your merge document to said pack. 

    Here you will be able to preview your document and see how all the tags are pre-populated. From there, you can easily see if you need to add or change any merge tags. If you do, all you have to do is edit your word document and upload it as a replacement on this same screen or you can save it as a new document separate to the original. 

    Ready to send 

    Once you have uploaded the file, tested it and are satisfied with all the merge tags you have used, this auto-generating PDF is ready for business. To begin using it all you need do is add it to your desired employee onboarding pack or packs if you haven’t already and assign candidates individually or in bulk to this pack to begin onboarding them. 

    Come along to our live webinar, and we can do this process together!

    In the practical portion of our upcoming live webinar, ‘Employee Onboarding: Tech & HR Best Practices’, we will help you to transform one of your existing employment contracts into an auto-generating PDF contract. 

    Our product experts will walk you through step-by-step how to complete this process from start to finish and then show you how to use this contract, along with other onboarding material, to onboard a fictitious candidate in just a few clicks. 

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