26 Jul 2022

How to turn a basic employment contract into an auto-generating PDF

To think in this day and age, HR is still manually replacing their contract variables for each new employee that they onboard is ridiculous. Not only is this a mistake waiting to happen, but it is a waste of precious resources. In the US a...

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25 Feb 2021

My ticking time bomb experience of digital onboarding at MyRecruitment+

I’ve just recently joined the marketing team here at My Recruitment Plus.  They’ve asked me to describe my first digital onboarding experience here. Today I’ll be walking you through my past onboarding experiences. To begin, le...

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31 Jan 2020

It’s a Payroll Disaster! How Software Can Help you Avoid Expensive Mistakes

When it comes to cash flow, one of the biggest outgoings you will likely incur is payroll. It’s therefore essential to get this right. If you don’t there are major financial and reputational consequences. Recent payroll issues at multiple ...

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22 Jan 2020

Flow Data, Flow! The Secret to Seamless Recruitment and Onboarding

Have you ever noticed how some organisations get recruitment ‘right’? When a manager requests a new hire, and they get exactly who they need within two weeks? Well, there’s a little ‘secret’ to seamless recruitment and onboarding… it’s all...

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