10 Jun 2022

4 reasons advanced data flow is important in HR software

Copy and paste is the natural sworn enemy of business professionals. Well, sort of, the real enemy is actually neglecting to proofread, using out-of-date data and using manual processes instead of more accurate automated ones. The act of c...

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8 minutes

17 Jul 2020

Finding Your Soulmate: Recruitment Edition

Before you find THE ONE, you’ll go on many terrible dates, and experience many horrible kisses and awkward scenarios where you’ll find yourself wishing the world would collapse on you… (been there, done that). Us, as needy human beings, un...

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22 Jan 2014

Targeted Reverse Marketing!

Passive candidates are very important in recruitment and stats tells us that only a small number of passive candidates actually go onto job-boards and apply for ads. So recruiters need to be able to contact those passive candidates who are...

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