26 Nov 2020

The HR Dilemma of Unpaid Internship Culture

It’s a topic that polarises students, employees and employers alike; are unpaid internships ethical? Is the concept flawed? Do they promote equal opportunity? Can they negatively impact the mental wellbeing of university students? Th...

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5 Jun 2019

Case Study: End-to-end Recruitment & Onboarding Software solution a...

End-To-End Recruitment & Onboarding Solution About the MyRecruitment+ platform Requisition approval workflow Recruitment and Onboarding Software Posting + Recruitment Process + Candidate DB & Talent Pools Plus:  Integration with yo...

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11 Oct 2018


Do women feel pressured to hide their role of mum to potential employers for fear of discrimination? Are they worried if they tell a future employer they have a baby or young kids at home, they won’t get the job? Do employers secretly or o...

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10 Jul 2018

Payment Compliance Abuse Is Rife In Some Restaurants

Our appetite for tasty & cheap exotic cuisine is encouraging poor payment compliance & OHS practices Introduction We all love Asian food, Middle Eastern food and many other exotic cuisines from all around the world, but we also lov...

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19 Apr 2018

HR in Startups and What Happened at Uber?

HR dilemma: How do you scale the culture of a startup? Is it possible to scale the culture of a startup and not suppress risk-taking – the essential ingredient in building a disruptive business model and the next uniform? Imagine you are t...

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30 Nov 2017

Learn about volunteer recruitment from a real Australian Open Legend

Learn about volunteer recruitment from a real Australian Open Legend Julian Emery has 7 times now, recruited and managed the volunteers for The Australian Open Golf. For each of these events, he had to recruit over 400 volunteers and manag...

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28 Nov 2017

Beautiful Career Site

CASE STUDY The SBS Careers Site Beautiful, Responsive and Custom-built 1 – The Company About: Australian public broadcasting radio, online, and television network Company size:   1,400 to 1,800 employees   2 – The Project ...

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10 Jun 2016

Picture yourself at Synlait | great case study of employer branding

  Last May,  we were part of creating a brilliant piece of employer branding – the synlait career site: careers.synlait.com Synlait’s HR team joined the MyRecruitment plus family back in December of 2016 and took up our en...

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23 Jun 2015

We’re full of beans at the ATC Events conference

Our team is exhibiting at stand #22 Drop by and get a drink bottle and a bag of jelly beans Hurry while they last!