28 Sep 2021

Cover Letters: Are They Essential Reading?

Are you the type of human resources professional who pores over cover letters or just gives each one a quick glance? Or maybe—dare we say it—you’re the type who doesn’t even look at cover letters at all. There is no doubt a variety o...

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23 Sep 2021

How to Use the STAR Interview Method to Hire Great Candidates

You’re likely no stranger to the STAR interview method. It is considered one⁠ of—if not the most⁠—effective interviewing methods around. The thing is, most articles about it are focused on how job seekers can effectively leverage STAR inte...

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14 Sep 2021

The Beginner’s Guide to Remuneration

Remuneration (REM) is a topic that all human resources professionals will be acquainted with. After all, it needs to be addressed repeatedly throughout the candidate and employee experience. But that doesn’t mean it’s a straightforwa...

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10 Sep 2021

The Expert’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Job Advertisement Template

Want to attract top talent to your company? While many factors impact the type of candidates who will apply to work for you, few are as influential as the job ad you post. The copy, format, and style of your job ad can all make or break ca...

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12 Aug 2021

Hey Recruiters! Hiring People With Differences Is Not Only Nice But Smart!

Time equals money. So why would recruiters hire someone with a disability, when they have several able-bodied candidates, who might not need extra support while working? To be honest, if I was a recruiter I would probably think the same. H...

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18 Oct 2018

Quiz – How Well Do You Know The Australian Job Seeker?

Are you in HR?  Or a hiring manager?  Or the boss?  Do you think you know all you need to know about Australia’s job market?  You might have to think again.  Here’s your chance to test your knowledge (answers follow the quiz —no cheating!)...

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13 Jun 2018

Hiring Without The Hiring Manager

Hiring a new employee for most companies is a straightforward process. You know the drill. Candidates apply for positions, participate in phone screens and testing, and then attend an interview. Interviews are generally with the hiring man...

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22 Jun 2017

What You Need To Know About Name Blind Hiring

Today’s topic is a personal one for me –and it’s also of universal importance for all of us in human resources.  It’s about something we all share: names.  We all have them, and we share something else, too: unconscious b...

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29 May 2017

Next Time You Hire, Skip The Interview

What if the widespread belief in the value of a job interview is all wrong?  What if a job interview is actually an impediment to hiring the right people? That’s the shocking premise of research recently outlined in The New York Times.  It...

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16 May 2017

What HR Doesn’t Want You To Know About Hiring

Hiring has a big problem and it begins in HR. As employment practices have evolved and functions have become centralised, far too many companies have permitted “Human Resources Mission Creep” to become standard.  Mission creep means a grad...

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