10 Dec 2020

5 Ideas to Spice Up your Video Interviews

Video interviews are the latest, tech-savvy candidate-screening tool for managers and recruiters. However, the general consensus across social media and HR forums is that video interviews are too-commonly disliked by job-seekers. They are ...

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26 Nov 2020

The HR Dilemma of Unpaid Internship Culture

It’s a topic that polarises students, employees and employers alike; are unpaid internships ethical? Is the concept flawed? Do they promote equal opportunity? Can they negatively impact the mental wellbeing of university students? Th...

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21 Feb 2020

Advice for Young People Who Want to Become Recruiters – With Bernt...

This week I sat down with Bernt Schindler to pick his brain in regards to his best advice for young talent looking to become recruiters. Bernt has decades of experience in recruitment, holding positions such as the Head of Talent Acquisiti...

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14 Nov 2017

Five reasons why you can upgrade to MyRecruitment+

MyRecruitment+ is a specialized web-based recruitment software transforming the workflow efficiency of HR and recruitment professionals. We pride ourselves in developing a premium software that’s obligation and risk-free. Have you been mea...

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