13 Jul 2022

What to include in an employee onboarding pack

Onboarding a new employee should be about more than just obligatory paperwork. Your onboarding process should also inform your new employee of your company’s people, culture and values. After all it is the first real impression you will gi...

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13 minutes

28 Apr 2022

Everything you need to know about self-healing org charts

Org charts are a great visual tool for showcasing organisational structure, but they have to be up-to-date. Companies are constantly growing and changing, and a manually updated org chart cannot keep up with these changes. Not to mention, ...

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8 minutes

29 Mar 2022

How to complete a ‘change of staff conditions’ in 1 minute

Amending staff conditions is an extremely common practice within organisations, and yet it is still quite a tedious task to complete. To get these changes set in motion, approved and implemented, despite how common the practice is, can tak...

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5 minutes

10 Mar 2022

Org Charts: The key to being more efficient and compliant

As a company, you should always be striving for optimum efficiency. An efficient system saves you time, money and countless hours of frustration. What lies in the way of efficiency, however, is a reluctance to change. You have to be willin...

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