2 Jun 2022

Reference checking best practices [Interview]

Making a hasty, ill-informed decision is never a good idea – especially when recruiting. Companies that fail to conduct the necessary pre-employment checks can find themselves in danger of negligent hiring.  Reference checks are an i...

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9 minutes

30 May 2022

How to get to know your candidates faster

Use your ‘recruitment lifelines’ When recruiting, the stakes are high, money is on the line, and the clock is ticking. Ultimately, recruiters have the difficult task of getting well enough acquainted with candidates from two A4...

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7 minutes

17 Nov 2021

8 useful tips when choosing the best Org Chart Creator for HR

Ninety percent of the best companies in the world don’t have an org chart tool that HR/managers can trust as a reliable and up to date single-source-of-truth.  When purchasing recruitment software, there are many things to consider: A reli...

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5 Jun 2020

The 4 Psychometric Talent Assessment Methods

The inaccuracies of today’s current recruitment process are becoming impossible to overlooked- we’re humans, we make mistakes, we all know and acknowledge this! We can accept the fact that we make mistakes and that others make mistakes.. H...

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6 Jun 2019

5 facts you must know about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

How do you make sure that your resume is actually seen, let alone assessed by the recruiters that you sent it to? What would you think if we told you that no more than 30% of all resumes are actually seen by recruiters?! This is why you ne...

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