26 Apr 2022

How to set up a video interview in 4 clicks

Pre-recorded video interviews are still a relatively new and under-utilised recruitment tool – despite a rise in their use during the pandemic. The problem is, many see video interviews as a replacement for in-person interviews. Whil...

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8 minutes

14 Feb 2022

How video interviewing can get your foot in the door

Breaking into the workforce can feel next to impossible. Every job listing asks for two or more years of experience for entry-level positions and despite putting your best foot forward, no one seems willing to take a chance on you because ...

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12 Nov 2021

Hard skills vs soft skills: What is the priority when hiring a new emplo...

Today’s million-dollar question: what should be the priority when hiring a new employee; soft skills or hard skills? It is truly dependent on the role, but from my experience, we shouldn’t undervalue or underestimate a candidate’s soft ski...

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18 Dec 2019

3 Tips to Help Your Organisation Hire for Soft Skills

Soft vs Hard Skills. What’s the Difference? Soft skills refer to factors that are usually difficult to learn or measure by quantitative methods. This generally means ‘essential’ skills that are increasingly a prerequisite to applying learn...

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