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Martian LogicApr 8, 2024 10:22:35 AM2 min read

Live Talent Communities (talent pools)

The live talent communities or talent pools as some might call them… this feature is an important part of the MyRecruitment+ platform, and it’s something we have have been working with our clients on refining, for a long time now.

Our talent community capability allows you to fine tune those communities to perfectly suit your business and industry.

Once setup, you can choose to publish them to the end candidate, so they self register themselves into the relevant ones.

You can publish them onto your careers site or onto Social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn… as another interesting sourcing strategy.

The most powerful thing about our platform however, is the fact that all marketing funnels including the normal job applications can also end up placing those just-applied candidates, into the correct talent communities.

This is why we call them live!

HR / Marketing setup, promote and engage those communities so you always have pools of workforce you can warm-approach and hire from.

Engaging those communities by providing them with relevant content is also a big part of this functionality.

Having a multi-cast tools such as bulk email and SMS tool is one of the essential and effective way to engage those communities by communicating relevant content to them.  For example, I would send a weekly email to each community, OK, you could talk about new legislations that will affect those professionals – it could be new innovations in the industry that implies they have to learn about and adapt to in order to maintain their career status or in order to advance their career.

Some of you now is probably thinking how about communicating jobs opportunities to them – well that’s the ultimate goal right – be able to call them or email them or SMS them – so this is something that you can control and do very easily right –  but the real question is how would they respond to your job proposal?  Who are you to think that you’re going to make a 35 year old father of two with a 500K mortgage listen to you when you’re asking him to take the risk of leaving his job and move to another one.  Who are you in therms of “TRUST” – that’s what I’m talking about here – those comms should re-enforce your status as a recruiter as a world-class recruiter – as a professional – as a though leader etc…. and that’s why you need to invest in those comms – they won’t of course on their own create that TRUST – but they can certainly help.


So just to summarise the talent communities tools that you need for your business should allow you to:

a)  Publish them on your website or social sites so candidates self-register themselves into them

b)  They should allow you to also oversee the process and therefore be able to overright the registrations and, or fine tune them – so you’re the admin of those pools (the gate keeper and admin)

c)  They should allow you to easily communicate with more or more pools in order to keep engaging them about your business.

We have just added this feature to our standard MyRecruitment+ Free Trial offer, so if this is of interest then get in touch with me today, and I’ll be happy to set you up with a trial account.