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10 Reasons Org Chart Software is Superior to Diagram Drawing Tools

10 Reasons Org Chart Software is Superior to Diagram Drawing Tools

If you’re going to build an org chart for your organisation, you should choose a software with a high return on investment (ROI), scalability, and flexibility. Unfortunately, you’re not going to find those things in any ordinary diagram drawing tool like Visio, PowerPoint, Canva, etc. You need something that meets all of your needs while taking you that extra step further, and we’re here to tell you what that is: Org Chart Software. In this blog, we will be outlining ten reasons why a specialised org chart software is the best option when it comes to building and maintaining an org chart for HR teams.


1 – Import Existing Employee Data, No Need to Start from Scratch


With specialised org chart software, you can easily import existing employee data into your org chart. There’s no need to start from scratch by creating boxes, referring back to spreadsheets, and manually entering/formatting details. With just the click of a button, you can import all your org chart data including existing employees and who they report to. You can simply sit back and watch your org chart come to life in a matter of seconds.


2 – No More Maintenance Headache


Imagine you’re in a role where you need to track all of the changes in your organisation, remember to make those changes to the org chart, update the changes in multiple places, and triple-check for any mistakes. Now did that give you a headache? It sure gave me one. But don’t worry! With specialised org chart software, you can say goodbye to these tedious tasks because your org chart can streamline this entire process. It operates as a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) and has all the building and maintenance tools you need to take care of your org chart easily.

Single Source of Truth (SSoT) Concept

With specialised org chart software, you don’t have to worry about updating data in multiple places. Everything is connected so a change made to one piece of data will automatically update throughout the platform. For example, imagine you work in an organisation with 50 people occupying the role of Support Engineer. You want to change that position name to Support Specialist but it just wouldn’t be effective to go into each employee’s individual node to make the change manually. With org chart software, all you need to do is go into your unique position library, change the position name once, and the updates will be made to every corresponding employee automatically. Another instance where this is extremely valuable is when an employee occupies two positions in your company. A specialised org chart software ensures that changes you make to their data will automatically update across all their linked nodes. So, if you update their name on one node, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it will seamlessly update in all the other nodes they occupy on the org chart. No more searching for employees and making manual edits – just smooth and effortless synchronisation.

Advanced Editing & Maintenance Tools

With advanced editing and maintenance tools, your org chart software can let you easily add, delete, and move around nodes and branches with just a few clicks. It’s quick, easy, and you won’t need to deal with the messiness of manual formatting or tangled lines and boxes. An org chart software such as Martian Logic makes sure you have enough maintenance capabilities to effortlessly keep your org chart up-to-date and reflective of your evolving organisation.


3 – Share It On Your Intranet or Grab a Share Link


If your organisation has a lot of employees, your org chart is bound to be quite big. That being said, imagine how long it would take to export and send an attachment that large over email. With an org chart software, you have access to multiple sharing options that are quick, easy, and accurate. Platforms such as Martian Logic provide you with both an embedded code and a URL to share your org chart. The embedded code allows you to share a live and interactive version of your org chart on your intranet. For sharing via other methods, such as email, all you need to do is grab a share link from the platform and share it with the relevant managers or executives. This will take them straight to a viewable version of the org chart that works on all browsers and is up-to-date, even with any changes made after sharing the link. Whether it’s on your intranet or shared using a URL, you can control what information will appear as part of that shared version.


4 – It’s Never Out-of-Date


Think about how many changes occur in your organisation on a day-to-day basis. New employees are starting, current employees change roles or leave the organisation, teams are restructured – the list goes on. So, unfortunately, something that comes with static org charts is the constant worry that it is outdated and fails to reflect the latest changes. This is why an org chart software is superior. As it connects directly to employee and position data, it stays up-to-date all the time with any changes in your organisation, keeping it current and accurate automatically.


5 – Unlimited Flow of Information


With diagram-building tools, there’s only so much information you can fit in a tiny box. But with org chart software, you don’t need to compromise on what information to keep on a node. You can surface any key details directly onto the node itself, while also holding unlimited data within each. This allows users to quickly grasp important details at a glance and dive deeper into each node for more comprehensive information when needed. Enjoy the flexibility of presenting and accessing information in a way that suits your organisation’s unique needs.


6 – Cost Effectiveness & Long-Term Value


Investing in specialised org chart software offers significantly more value compared to diagram-building tools. This value that you derive from it extends far beyond the affordable and quick setup, providing long-term value for your organisation. With extensive tools and features, you can say goodbye to those tedious admin tasks and focus on the more vital HR functions. Don’t settle for a tool that may limit your capabilities when you can make a wise investment in org chart software that gives you access to a range of features and streamlines the tasks of your HR team.


7 – Adapts to Every Position Structure & Requirements


As org chart software is built with the needs of HR professionals in mind, it has intelligent data architecture in place to cater to the unique cases of every organisation. For example, if you have a position that is being performed by multiple employees, your org chart will be able to display this situation on your org chart in a clear and customisable way. The adaptable nature of a specialised org chart software accommodates unique cases such as this one, allowing you to visualise and manage data in ways that are most effective for you.


8 – Recruit & Offboard Right From It


Unlike conventional design tools, a specialised org chart software has employee-related processes baked within it. You can start request-to-hire processes, initiate onboarding processes for new hires, and launch a change of conditions or offboarding for current employees directly from the org chart. This saves you the back-and-forth between different software and consolidates everything into one user-friendly platform. What’s even better is that once a process is completed, the changes will automatically update in the org chart, keeping it current and accurate all the time.


9 – Enjoy Built-In Access Control


Leverage access control straight from the platform. With an org chart software, you can confidently hold sensitive employee data in your org chart. It’s a secure way to keep confidential personal data, such as salary details, tucked away inside each node. From downloading documents to making changes to existing data, you have full control over what managers and executives can access and how they can interact with the information.


10 – Multiple Employees Can Work On It Simultaneously


The great thing about org chart software is that multiple members of an HR team can work on it at the same time. Due to its live-updating capabilities, everyone will always be on the same page and able to make changes to employee or position details efficiently. This encourages collaboration by making it easy to allocate roles and select multiple employees as admins. 


Key Takeaways

There you have it – 10 reasons why org chart software is superior to diagram drawing tools. From the easy data import of your org chart to the long-term value of its features, specialised org chart software offers the best solution for HR teams looking to create and maintain an org chart. Trust us when we say it’s an investment in the right direction!

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