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5 Reasons why MyRecruitment+ for Schools

5 Reasons why MyRecruitment+ for Schools

Imagine an affordable, professional and modern recruitment and onboarding software that could integrate with your current HR ecosystem, and Synergetic system.

Historically, Schools struggled to access  enterprise grade recruitment and onboarding software used by corporates due to the cost barrier and issues involving integration…but not anymore.  

MyRecruitment+ provides an enterprise grade service that elevates your school by integrating with Synergetic to create an end-to-end streamlined system. 

Reason #1- Optimise Efficiencies 

MyRecruitment+ is a fundamental software for your school. By introducing a software that continuously progresses, your school’s systematic processes continuously progresses with the software. 

The entire platform is customisable, it’s like having a blank canvas. Create your templates, design your branding, implement; automations, candidate stages, talent pools and workflows. Send bulk sms & emails to candidates and employees.. everything you need within a single platform. 

By using these features you maximise efficiencies and ensure your time & resources are correctly allocated. Our modernised platform acknowledges the digiality of 2020, therefore it enables users to access the platform and stored data from anywhere at any time- on your laptop or mobile. 

Through removing time delays in workflow processes, such as request-to-recruit, each phase integrates smoothly without the risk of missing approval or insight from a relevant stakeholder. 

Aligned with time efficiencies, collaboration is key for schools- no decision is made entirely by the principle! It’s a team effort and it’s important this is reflected in your systematic approach. 

All aspects of the platform include share capabilities- so multiple users can review and make digital notes on the same candidate profile at the same time. If a user is unsure about a candidate’s references or qualifications, they can share the profile via email or sms and their colleague can view their notes and make their own, therefore resulting in a discussion and fairer decision. 

Reason #2- Pre-Employment Compliance

Schools are heavily regulated, and complying to the strict requirements can be difficult… especially when your system has multiple sub-systems.

Errors occur with double-handling data, and the copious amounts of time on double checking data is an unnecessary misspend. Data from requisition, recruitment and probity checks flow between each stage and into onboarding. This data flow & automation results in data integrity and removes the need to double check, therefore reaching optimum compliance with less manual labour.

Within MyRecruitment+, you can require candidates to submit the required certifications (such as WWWC), to refine the candidate selection immediately and prioritise which candidates you invest time into. You can initiate Police checks and reference checks simultaneously within a few clicks, and track the progression as it moves into different stages. 

The powerful combination of automation and efficiencies results in injected compliance in every phase- upholding the School’s regulations and maintaining a professional systematic approach. This removes the pressure of ensuring compliance because your modern recruitment and onboarding software does it for you, with no risk of human error or overlooked details.

The SaaS element of MyRecruitment+ works identically to the ‘cloud’, so all data collected is forever stored to the candidate profile or allocated location. All information is readily accessible to users to revisit, therefore if you find yourself in any sticky situations in the future your evidence can be recalled and your case can be generated in a few minutes. This audibility and track-ability is an extra precaution that instils compliance and maintains your professionalism. 

Reason #3- Halve Recruitment Costs

The combination of modernism and professionalism creates an unbeatable dynamic of efficiencies, compliance and cost saving. Traditionally, recruitment requires constant advertising and candidate sourcing. By introducing recruitment software you can save thousands of dollars on advertising through optimising your resources. 

Within the platform, create custom talent pools. When trying to fill a single position you’ll come across multiple candidates that would be suited for the role- instead of losing the details of the two next-best candidates you should build your own database for future reference. This means in the future, when you have a new vacancy, you already have a pool of talent that have been screened and have an established relationship with your company. Therefore, better investing the advertising budget and reducing the need to advertise as frequently.

Internal referrals are an incredible resource for sourcing quality candidates- your current employees will surround themselves with workers that encompass similar traits and working ethics. Take advantage of this opportunity! 

Using your MyRecruitment+ platform you can enable employees to share job vacancies to their network via social media, sms or email… further reducing advertising costs. Or, if this isn’t suitable for your business model- build a customised career site that reflects your values, branding and personable qualities. Use the power of SEO-friendly urls, HTML tags and the mobile first approach to your advantage and let candidates come to you… Modernising your recruitment strategies with a modern recruitment software.

Internal recruitment is efficient and fast when using the correct tools. With the aid of professional recruitment software and automations, recruitment tasks require less manual labour, therefore less staff. By building strong internal recruitment capabilities, on minimal resources, you eliminate the need to rely on recruitment agencies. Thus, reducing another recruitment cost.

Reason #5- Professional Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is the heart of recruitment and onboarding because your candidates today will be your customers tomorrow. They’ll either be your biggest advocates or biggest critics. In the longevity of recruitment it’s easy to refer to candidates as just that- candidates, but it’s important to remember that candidates are human beings and there’s a level of respect that must be met in a professional manner. We’re all human, we make mistakes, errors occur and small pieces of the puzzle are regularly overlooked!

Technology, on the other hand, is computerised and automated, therefore reducing errors and ensuring you stay on track. 

Within your recruitment platform, you can schedule automations to candidates in each stage of recruitment and onboarding to keep them updated on their application and the current phase of recruitment. Personalise your templates and customise your copy. By doing so, not only do you accurately represent your school but you also ensure a positive candidate experience as they always know where their application is at, and feel significant as you show them they are by keeping in contact. This combination builds your brand image. 

Onboarding can be a tedious process, especially with the uprise of remote working. Many companies aren’t currently in offices so it removes the option for the new hire to simply stop past and sort out their paperwork. It hurts the candidate experience if they’re required to print, sign, scan and send onboarding documents. This outdated process stimulates time delays, data errors and inconsistencies as the prime channel for communication is emails,  and double handling documents to enter their details into your payroll system commonly results in errors. 

A modern onboarding software enables mobile functionality and digital signing. Onboarding packs contain multiple e-forms that require attention from the new hire, such as; contract, terms and conditions, training stimuli, tax form etc.

E-forms are digital and can be signed anywhere, and once completed the employer is immediately notified of the completed onboarding pack. The e-forms differ from PDF’s because the software pulls the appropriate information and saves it to the appropriate location for the employer, meaning there’s no double handling and the information is efficiently sourced, saved and stored without any manual input from the recruiter. 

Your school can set up automatic notifications for certain stakeholders when an onboarding pack is completed. For example, a new history teacher may trigger notifications to all those in the history department, the principal, IT (to set up their laptop etc) and to their buddy. Maybe it says “John is our new history teacher and starts on the xx/xx/xx”. This ensures the correct preparations are underway for his arrival, and on his first day he feels welcome. 

Reason #6- Integration with Synergetic

A modern recruitment and onboarding software streamlines your schools systems. When one phase is complete it integrates with the next phase to carry through the appropriate data  and auto-trigger the activities of the next stage. This reduces errors by eliminating double handling of data and trying to juggle different functionalities of multiple systems. 

Synergetic is the leading management system used for schools, through years of experience and usage it has become almost a necessity for professional schools. 

Now, image your system streamlined from the start to the end. Whilst Synergetic is on-premise and traditional, the agility of modern software connects with the traditional software. They work together as a powerful house to provide you with ultimate control, customisation and management. Mix tradition with modernisation and make the two work together.


MyRecruitment+ is a freemium… so if these 5 reasons aren’t convincing enough- go test it yourself!

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