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The Domino Effect: Why manual onboarding topples your productivity

The Domino Effect: Why manual onboarding topples your productivity

Watching dominos fall one by one is really satisfying.


But beneath the beauty lies someone frustrated and annoyed as they had to manually set up each and every domino by hand and organise them into a sequence.

When a domino topples prematurely, it disrupts the sequence and stops the beautiful flow. Preparing an employee onboarding pack is like setting up dominos—manual and tedious.

From gathering the candidate’s personal information, salary details, and payroll data—to checking and rechecking relevant items countless times—each and every contract field has to be manually edited as a single error can topple the entire onboarding process.

It’s clear that manual onboarding at scale topples your organisation’s productivity by consuming significant time and resources, delaying the integration of new candidates into key business workstreams.

But what if there was a way to personalise and automate the onboarding process and stop the dominoes from toppling over prematurely?


Forget manually editing documents, Martin Logic’s onboarding platform collects candidate information throughout the recruitment stages and automatically pre-populates the relevant fields across all onboarding documents. This creates a smooth and accurate flow of candidate data from one document to the next.

All the documents you usually have to personalise in an onboarding pack such as e-forms, the letter of offer and the contract will be pre-populated and completed, so all you need to do is double-check the relevant fields and hit send!

Organisations can also integrate company logos and assets across all documents, keeping your brand looking smooth and consistent throughout the onboarding process.

With our onboarding platform, you will onboard new candidates quicker, make the process less stressful, and watch the dominos seamlessly fall into the next!



But automation isn’t just about preventing mistakes and improving productivity—it’s about integrating a flow into your onboarding process that feels effortless and reduces stress all while enhancing the candidate’s onboarding experience.

Like a cascading and satisfying domino pattern, the benefits of implementing a platform that pre-populates and completes onboarding documentation speak for themselves. But let’s review them briefly.

Efficiency: Time and Money

From simple typos to significant data mismatches, manually editing documents increases the risk of errors. Such inaccuracies can lead to misunderstandings and embarrassment and seriously undermine an organisation’s professional image.

Productivity: The New Standard

Every hour spent checking and re-checking documents is an hour you could allocate to strategic initiatives that could benefit your people and organisation.

Delays in the onboarding process lead to significant bottlenecks that have considerable implications for an organisation. This is especially true for enterprise organisations with high turnover rates, as other business functions rely on new employees entering a workstream.

Enterprise organisations that have implemented our onboarding platform benefited from an increase in efficiency, which translates directly into lower operational costs and higher overall productivity—saving millions of dollars worth of hours at scale for some clients.

Stakeholders: A Positive Ripple Effect

When you’re less stressed, your managers and the candidate will appreciate the smooth improvements to onboarding and the related workstreams.

At the same time, candidates feel valued and respected from the start of their onboarding process as hiring managers have more time to handle questions and create a warm welcome to a new organisation.


Automating an onboarding platform isn’t just about preventing mistakes; it’s about creating a rhythm and flow to onboarding that feels natural and effortless.

The satisfaction of watching each field fill itself out correctly, triggering the next step in perfect order, mirrors the seamless integration of a new employee into the organisation.

By integrating Martian Logic’s onboarding platform, hiring managers within enterprise organisations can turn the daunting manual onboarding task into a seamless and efficient process, where the only domino effect is one of the positive outcomes for both new hires and the organisation.

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