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Martian LogicApr 8, 2024 4:34:07 PM4 min read

Top Five Features Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) MUST Have

An Applicant Tracking System or, better known as ‘ATS’ represents the recruitment software that helps HR in the recruiting & hiring process. Ultimately it ‘helps an employer manage each step of the hiring process, from writing the job ad to making a job offer’ as assessed by TechTarget in an informative 2018 article.

ATS’s save an enormous amount of time, resources and money. An ATS further increases productivity, improves efficiency and offers better communication practices for those amongst the recruiting and hiring chain.

You may already have an Applicant Tracking System in place that currently seems to suits your company. I’d like to challenge that, you may be missing out on the key features that every ATS should have in order to be effective in 2020.

Here are the top five features you should take into consideration when you’re looking at purchasing an Applicant Tracking System for your business.


Feature 1 – Automation & Customisation of the Recruitment Process

Having an Applicant Tracking System that can automate emails and move candidates to the next step of the recruitment process is essential. It’s also extremely helpful, especially when recruiters are busy with other clients or customers. Emails can even be branded and personalised to add that special touch. This level of personalisation can, and will, show professionalism in a structured format for the applicant.


If you need to move a candidate to the next stage, you can automatically send them an email requesting to come in for an interview. If the candidate has been unsuccessful, you can automatically thank them and wish them luck for the future. There’s no longer a need to go back and forth writing emails all day. Continuously copying and pasting is a thing of the past; nobody has the time for that!

By implementing a system that can customise the recruitment process, you can integrate a platform that is perfectly tailored to fit your workflow. In addition, you’ll have all your preferences and processes customizable and configurable to suit any changes you need to make.

Feature 2 – Mobile-Friendly Modern Platform

It’s a given – mobile technology leads the way in today’s day and age. The very first thing we grab in the morning is our phones, right? With 9 out of 10 job seekers using their phone to apply for a job they’re interested in, you can see the appeal of implementing a mobile-friendly Applicant Tracking System within your recruitment and onboarding platform.

By NOT having a user-friendly mobile-enabled platform, you are intentionally missing out on 90% of potential candidates and talent. It’s true! Worse yet, your closest competitors could be benefiting from this right now! It’s essential you use recruitment software that has incorporated an effective mobile-friendly ATS functionality.


Feature 3 – Onboarding & the Candidate/Employee Experience

Having the best features includes having the best onboarding process too. Onboarding is very much key to the employee and candidate experience. Onboarding determines or is at least a very good predictor, of whether an employee will remain in the company for an extended period of time. The onboarding process involves everything to do with the physical, mental and emotional integration of the employee, into the culture and foundation of the organisation.


With the ATS feature used to onboarding candidates, recruiters can send forms, contracts, e-forms and more. All this to the candidate without the hassle of printing, faxing and scanning paperwork. By having an automated onboarding starter pack, recruiters can send them in an instant and even incorporate digital signing of contracts. You can change current employees contracts and don’t have to worry about the constant question of whether you have collected all the paperwork. Paperless onboarding with a modern ATS is there to help.

Feature 4 – Cloud-Based & TCO

The total cost of ownership (TCO) refers to any hidden fees. In this case, implementing, maintaining and setting up your chosen recruitment software. By having cloud-based software such as Martian Logic, the risks of hidden costs are lower. Let’s say you select a server-based TCO. A server-based platform can hold further costs in add on activities and features. These may include training, IT maintenance and customer support.


Feature 5 – Multi-Posting to Job Boards & Social Media

With your chosen Applicant Tracking System, it will be beneficial to have access to multi-posting. As well as being able to share job ads through hundreds of free and paid job boards. This isn’t even to mention as social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are one of today’s best mediums to promote jobs!

By having this advantage with an ATS, recruiters can reach the best talent first. They’ll also have access to the recruiting process far more efficiently. It’s a bonus feature if you can design and create your career site. Beautifully presented career sites can further attract candidates wanting to apply and work for your company. Imagine if your ATS can integrate and help with that too!


Now comes the really fun part; looking and finding the perfect Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that will fit you, and your business. Knowing that it will make your recruitment and onboarding manageable and effective. Happy hunting!