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Martian LogicApr 8, 2024 12:28:34 PM2 min read


If the below list of time and money saving is not enough for HR to start exploring paperless On-boarding… then perhaps saving trees each year could be the motivator!

  • Save thousands of hours in productivity from automation and digital signing
  • Move those HR resources to do more strategic HR tasks
  • Reduce Onboarding time by 80%
  • Reduce the number candidates who drop-off after verbally accepting your offer
  • Notifying the right stakeholders in the organisation such as IT and procurement about the new hire and their start
  • Improve your employer of choice brand
  • Empower HR/Payroll by replacing data entry tasks with more professional and career building tasks
  • Save trees due to the paperless onboarding process


Hi, my name is Anwar Khalil and I’m the CEO and founder at MyRecruitment+ platform and today we put together for you an eye-opener on the number of trees that are cut down due onboarding activities. 



Software Developer vs. A Nurse

You know, it’s really interesting… as the founder of MyRecruitment+ and as someone who was a software developer, and as someone who’s a real believer in leaving a positive legacy as part of what we do… this is the first time that I felt this good about what we do here at MyRecruitment+ and let me explain.
I’ve always wondered and questioned, the value that a software developer adds to the world when they’re working on something that would incrementally improve the productivity in an industry.  You know, a new feature in your iPhone that makes it a little faster or a new feature in our platform that makes it quicker to schedule an interview with a candidate, for example – well I’ve always wondered how important these incremental improvements, when compared with a nurse who’s saving lives at a hospital out there, or a nurse who’s putting a smile on an old person in a nursing home.  Things like that as a young developer used to make me feel a bit funny about what I do – but then again some of the features that I worked on were life-changing, using the exact words some of our users had said to me… so moments like these, have certainly improved my score against the one-sided match with the nurse!

1,000 companies could be consuming the entire tree population of Centennial Park, in just 5 years!

So what I’m talking about here is really interesting… 1,000 clients of ours could be saving 3,000 trees each year – that’s 15,000 trees over 5 years – I mean that’s the entire tree population of Centennial Park in Sydney – which is the largest park in the inner Sydney as opposed to parks that are 10km and more from the center of CBD.


So as I said, let the tree-saving be the icing on the cake – so the productivity increase, the money saving, the drop-off reduction and the rest of benefits derived from adopting paperless onboarding software platform are fantastic but to realise that you could also be saving the cutting down of so many trees… this has to be something else.  But this is the interesting thing… you’d be making this difference without even having to do anything extra – it’s simply a by-product of using a paperless onboarding software.  That’s the real magic to this story!
Until next time,