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Understanding Onboarding Packs: Unlock Efficiency With Super Templates

Understanding Onboarding Packs: Unlock Efficiency With Super Templates

Say hello to onboarding packs – a digital and mobile-enabled resource designed to streamline the onboarding process. They’re the all-in-one solution that ensures the smooth transition of new hires into your organisation. And did you know that by using platforms such as Martian Logic, you can actually create ‘super templates’ so your HR team can onboard all types of new hires with ease and efficiency? 

These platforms give your HR team the power to customise each pack template to suit the distinct requirements of different roles, divisions, or entities within your organisation. Infuse them with your brand’s unique identity, customise forms to your liking, set automatic notifications for stakeholders, and insert elements that meet your requirements. Once you’ve curated them to your liking, these digital assets are ready-to-go and available for use at any time, ensuring that the onboarding experience remains a seamless and enjoyable journey for all!

So, onboarding isn’t just about the contracts you send off for legal reasons; it’s about painting the whole picture for new hires by considering organisational identity, unique forms, and active communication. And the best and most trouble-free way to do this is through onboarding packs!


What is an Onboarding Pack?


An onboarding pack is a digital and mobile-enabled onboarding tool that encompasses a wide-range of materials curated for distribution to new employees as they start as members of your team. And using platforms such as Martian Logic gives you the advantage of being able to design and customise your own onboarding pack super templates for whichever entities, positions, or brands your organisation oversees (we will talk more about this later on in ths blog). 

New hires will receive a link that brings them to a web-page containing all of the essential onboarding information pertaining to their specific role. From contracts and documents to informative resources and videos, it’s all there. This digitally accessible pack helps ensure that new employees are well-acquainted with the organisation (before even stepping foot into the office), setting the stage for a smooth and productive transition into their roles.

But here’s the best part: new hires can sign forms directly from their pack, thanks to the handy mobile-enabled signing capabilities offered by providers like Martian Logic. No more dealing with the old-school process of printing, signing, and scanning – it’s all about convenience and efficiency.

What Do They Typically Include?

  • Employment Contract
  • Fair Work Information Statements
  • IT & Security Guidelines
  • Superannuation Fund Choice Forms
  • Banking Details Form
  • Emergency Contact Forms

However, keep in mind that with platforms such as Martian Logic, you can include your own custom forms and informational resources in your onboarding packs such as code of conduct, organizational charts, welcome videos, and even coffee order forms!


Why Should You Use Onboarding Packs?


1 – Flexible, Customisable & Branded Packs

When it comes to onboarding new employees, one size doesn’t fit all. New hires starting in different positions, divisions, and entities vary in terms of onboarding needs. This is where super templates can help, offering a level of flexibility and customisability that sets them apart from traditional onboarding methods. With super templates, you can incorporate tailor-made forms, videos and contracts. But it doesn’t stop there – you can also set specific auto-triggered notifications and infuse your unique branding into each pack! This freedom to mould your onboarding process in whichever way you want is a game-changer.

Consider this scenario: your organisation oversees a spectrum of entities, each with its own branding and onboarding requirements. With the ability to create an unlimited amount of pack templates, you can effortlessly attach the corresponding branding and onboarding elements to the respective packs, ensuring that each new hire enjoys a personalised onboarding experience. 



2 – Convenience For Both HR & Incoming Employees

With fully digital onboarding packs that come with mobile-enabled signing capabilities, new hires can complete their onboarding tasks and sign contracts at both their own pace and from the comfort of their chosen location – be it on the train, in bed, or during lunch. New hires can access their onboarding packs within the designated time frame set by your HR team and complete them with ease. Providing your new hires with this convenience is a great way to show you value their time and are committed to giving them the smoothest onboarding experience possible. 


Using onboarding packs ensure that HR teams can enjoy a streamlined process. As part of your HRIS, the system draws on candidate information collected during the recruitment phase and automatically populates that data into the designated pack templates. Once the green light for onboarding is given by the appropriate managers, these packs – fully tailored and personalised – are automatically sent off to the new hires. 

As soon as a new hire completes their onboarding pack, the system automatically stores all their signed documents, contracts, and information, eliminating the need for manual data entry. And with the ability to set your own auto-notifications for every step of the way, your HR team can ensure that everyone involved in the onboarding of a new employee is in the loop and on top of their parts. This efficiency allows HR to focus on more strategic tasks while ensuring a smooth and seamless onboarding experience for incoming employees. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

3 – Reduced Time-To-Hire

Time is of the essence when it comes to hiring new talent. Traditional onboarding methods often involve a slew of manual processes, from paperwork to data entry, which can significantly slow down the hiring timeline. However, with onboarding packs, the process becomes swift and accurate.

With data flowing between the recruitment and onboarding processes, the time-to-hire is reduced by eliminating the need for HR to tediously gather and send out individual documents. This means that candidates experience a seamless transition from acceptance to onboarding, while your organisation can swiftly fill roles, reducing the productivity gap and ensuring that everyone hits the ground running. So, if you’re looking to optimise your hiring timeline, onboarding packs are the strategic choice that promises to make your hiring process faster and more efficient than ever before.

4 – Direct Integration With Payroll

Payroll integration is a game-changer in the onboarding process. And onboarding packs take care of this link by directly integrating with your payroll system. How does this work? Well, once new hires complete their onboarding packs, the system takes over. Their banking details and tax documentation flow automatically into the payroll system, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

This automation serves a dual purpose. It not only simplifies HR’s administrative workload but also ensures new employees experience a hassle-free payroll setup, contributing to a smoother start in their new roles. This streamlined integration is beneficial for both – saving time and reducing errors for HR while delivering a positive onboarding experience for new hires.


5 – A Smoother In-Office Start 

As I’m sure you know, the onboarding process starts before day one. And the purpose of onboarding packs go beyond simply collecting the required signatures – they prepare new hires for a successful in-office start. By leveraging these digital packs to provide introduction materials about your organisation’s culture, policies, and procedures in advance, new employees can feel confident and prepared on their first day. This ensures a smooth transition into your workplace and makes in-office training by HR and Managers an easier process for all.

6 – Entirely Paperless & Eco-Friendly

Going green is a responsible choice that onboarding packs fully support – it’s an entirely paperless and environmentally friendly solution. With platforms like Martian Logic, all packs are accessed with a link, and all forms and contracts can be signed on a mobile device. This eradicates the traditional, resource-intensive practice of printing, signing, and scanning. So, not only do digital onboarding packs simplify your onboarding process, but they also help you contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly workplace, which can be a compelling selling point for environmentally conscious job seekers and clients.



Key Takeaways


Onboarding packs offer a customised, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for both HR teams and new hires. These digital resources can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of various roles, divisions, or entities within your organisation. And with super templates provided by HRIS platforms such as Martian Logic, they provide the added benefit of incorporating your company branding, custom forms, and training videos. 

Convenient mobile-enabled signing that is integrated into these packs empowers new hires to complete their onboarding process at their pace and from anywhere. And beyond contracts and agreements, onboarding packs enable new hires to become familiar with the organisation before their in-office start, fostering engagement and a smooth transition into your workplace.

Embracing this comprehensive and paperless approach will optimise efficiency and contribute to a positive experience for all stakeholders. So, if you’re not using them already, it might be time to start!

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