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Martian LogicApr 9, 2024 11:33:35 AM7 min read

What is End-to-End Data Flow in Recruitment Software?

My Recruitment Plus is enterprise grade end-to-end recruitment software that offers maximum flexibility, branded customisation and full time support. This is a step-by-step process for recruiting new employees and includes the stages of; request to recruit, recruitment sourcing, offer approval, onboarding/ induction, and payroll integration system.

End-to-end recruitment software seamlessly integrates each phase with one another, and carries through the data collected from the beginning to the very end. How? Let me show you

#Phase 1- Request to Recruit

Before you can begin sourcing employees and fill a position, you have to know the type of position you want to fill!

You need to discuss with executives, HR managers and CEO’s to determine the new hires:

  • Responsibilities and tasks
  • Required soft and technical skills
  • Previous experience
  • Salary, bonus, and superannuation

These details must be discussed and approved before you can begin sourcing candidates.

Why? Because you must know what questions you need to ask and what sort of candidate you’re looking for!

The finalised key data from this discussion is collected and input in your MRP platform.

#Phase 2- Recruitment

Now that you’ve decided on the nitty gritty details of the position, and the ideal candidate, you’re ready to start seeking applicants. This phase is the lengthiest of all, and is split into two sections.

#Phase 2.1- Candidate Sourcing

The data collected in phase 1 carries through to the creation of applications and directly inputs the data! The job advertisement can be posted on multiple platforms at once, such as Seek and Indeed, and the responses from candidates are easily visible- all on a singular platform!

You can manage the applications received, and save them to your personal database by adding tags that correlate to the candidate- for example:

  • Marketing, IT, HR
  • Communication skills, Adobe Suite, Graphics
  • Part time, Full time, Casual

The accessibility to these tags allows you to grow your personal database, and take full advantage of paying for advertisements. This allows you to re-visit your database in the future when you’re looking to fill a new position. Thus; saving, collecting, and storing your data!

On your application form, using our platform, you can include Video Questions, which require candidates to respond with a Video Answer. A question could be:

  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • What experience do you have?
  • What are two strengths and two weaknesses’?

Multiple video answers create a Video Interview.

Without any extra effort or time required from the recruiters you can visualise the candidate’s soft skills, (emotional intelligence, communication skills, etc) and technical skills within minutes. Therefore resulting in a pre-interview interview that unearths a three dimensional figure of the candidate.

#Phase 2.2 – Review & Interview

Once you have received your desired amount of applications, or have reviewed multiple candidates’ applications that seem suitable, it’s time to interview them!

The Video Interview feature has narrowed your suitable candidates and also offered insights into suitable candidates, which means you avoid wasting time on unsuccessful interviews as your decision regarding whom to interview is more informed.

Under this phase, phone screening tasks are conducted (introductions, questions, organising an interview).

The applications (including video interviews) are saved to your platform, and can be shared amongst managers and executives.

This results in all recruiters seeing the same footage and removes unconscious biases through encouraging a unanimous decision based on the same insights!

Once you have selected your candidate, you can close the job advertisement whilst keeping on file the data collected throughout the recruitment process.

#Phase 3- Offer Approval

Once you have completed your interviews and selected your preferred candidate- you need to finalise the details of their employment!

People are not products, and you cannot pick and chose selective attributes. Thus, in the recruitment phase a few details may have changed, such as

  • The tasks they are responsible for
  • The salary they will receive
  • Office supplies (work car, laptop etc)
  • Start date and contract

These details must be re-approved before you can offer them a position!

The data that was originally collected can easily be found on your platform, so all you need to do is revisit it and see what changed are needed and where.

Once hiring personnel approve this, you can offer the candidate their position!


To recap what we’ve done so far on our recruitment software;

  1. We’ve created a role and sorted the details for the position
  2. We’ve created our application form, advertised our position, and developed our own database
  3. Created a precise candidate pool through utilizing video interviews, interviewed candidates and selected an appropriate candidate
  4. Updated the data collected from request-to-hire and cemented the details of the employment

Great, now that we know what we’ve done and where our data is lets move on to the final few phases! 

#Phase 4- Onboarding/Induction

The data flow of the system is utilized to create an onboarding pack!

Onboarding packs can consist of as many documents as you like…such as; tax forms, superannuation forms, privacy and security forms, terms and agreements, read and approve forms and contracts.

In fact, the data inputted reading their position from all previous phases is now utilized to automatically generate a contract for the candidate!

Details such as; name, address, position, pay, start date, responsibilities and more are already filled out on the form so the recruiter doesn’t manually have to re enter it! This flow of data eliminates hours of work for the recruiter, which allows them to focus their attention on more important tasks.

Although the platform automatically generates this for you, the recruiter has the ability to edit, remove and add any information in the contract.

The end-to-end recruitment software, such as MyRecruitment+, encourages you to build multiple template onboarding packs that are consistent amongst new hires (such as training documents and an ‘about us’ document), as well as e-forms that are automatically filled in with data collected from phases 1-4.

Here are a few examples of the types of template onboarding packs you can create:

  • Contract and E-Forms Pack
  • Induction Pack
  • Onboarding Pack

Instead of searching amongst multiple documents and sheets, let technology do the hard work for you! Don’t waste your time, and candidate time, with; printing, signing, scanning and sending, do it all within a few clicks!

This onboarding feature allows you to send, and complete the onboarding packs anywhere and anytime…as long as you have Internet connection….

#Phase 5- Payroll System Integration

 Once the onboarding packs have been completed, the recruiter or hirer is notified with an email or text message. The data from the onboarding pack is automatically integrated, collected and saved on your personalised MyRecruitment+ Platform.

Now that this data is stored in the platform, you can push this data into your payroll system! Within a few clicks, you can organise a form filled with your candidate’s details, such as;

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Address
  • Job Position
  • Salary
  • Start Date
  • Bank details

These details are automatically filled in and sent to your payroll system! The data integration is seamless, requires minimal effort and selects data from different documents and phases throughout the recruitment process.

Through integrating your HRMS system and your payroll system you maximise the efficiency of your technology, and productivity of your employees!

Your data is only ever entered into your system ONCE, resulting in the elimination of human error from multiple data entries, therefore resulting in high data integrity and data accuracy. Since all the data can be found on a singular platform, it is easier for recruiters and employees to find, review and edit information, and offers greater and in-depth insights.

This seamless integration also requires minimal labour from your employees so that they can focus their time, energy, and intelligence on tasks other than simple administrative tasks.

MyRecruitment+ understands the technology-dominated world, (at least we think we do…), thus we have developed our platform to encourage maximum flexibility and customisation!

You can customise and alter the way your data is collected, presented and found, in order to best suit you and your various other platforms. Whether or not we have integrated our platform with your chosen Payroll system, we are able to customise the software and seamlessly integrate.


The workflow of end-to-end recruitment software carries data from Phase 1 to Phase 5, therefore increasing efficiencies, reducing human error and minimising the amount of human labour required.

Recruiters and HR are able to reduce the hours spend on tasks that only takes minutes for technology to complete, and focus their attention on alternate responsibilities.

If you’re interested in witnessing the true power of data flow, test it on your company for free!

Once you go digital you never go back….

Work smarter, and not harder!

Until next time…..