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Why Is It Important To Involve Managers In The Hiring Process?

Why Is It Important To Involve Managers In The Hiring Process?

When it comes to hiring new talent, it shouldn’t just be HR that’s in charge of the process. We’re talking about involving the people who raise the need for recruitment in the first place – executives, managers, department heads, team leads, or even people on the team. After all, they’re the ones who know their teams inside out and have the best insight into the skills and expertise required to fill positions. 

With their valuable input into the hiring process, you can make sure you’re bringing in employees that truly fit the needs of each department while freeing up time for your HR team to focus on more important division-specific tasks (i.e. improving remuneration (REM) strategies, implementing better tools/systems, ensuring compliance, etc…).

So, while it’s not how typical hiring went in the past, we’re here to tell you just how important it is to involve managers and executives in recruitment and hire the right candidates from the get-go.


Why Managers Have The Best Insight On Who To Hire


Did you know that when searching for new hires, HR teams often have a vague understanding of employee performance metrics and struggle to know the exact qualities required for specific positions? Managers, on the other hand, are subject matter experts when it comes to the needs of their teams. They know all the ins and outs making them the best people to be in charge of hiring decisions that align with their teams and drive success. With this deep understanding of their department’s goals and challenges, they offer valuable insight into the skills and expertise needed to fill vacant positions. 

For instance, with managers being able to pinpoint candidates who will not only excel in their roles but also mesh well with their existing team, a more harmonious and high-performing work environment is created. So, by involving managers and executives in the hiring process, you tap into this wealth of expertise, ensuring that every recruitment decision is well-informed and aligned with the strategic objectives of each department.


Let HR Focus on More Important Tasks


By involving managers in the hiring process, you can supercharge your HR team’s efficiency and productivity. By leaving interviewing and candidate selection to managers, department heads, and team leads, HR can focus on more strategic tasks such as refining processes, implementing tools and systems, devising better remuneration (REM) strategies, and ensuring compliance.

This collaborative approach empowers everyone to focus on what they do best – managers take the lead in hiring and make those perfect matches for their teams, while HR gets to be the architects and lay the groundwork for successful processes. With collaboration and transparency between teams during recruitment, you can enjoy a smoother and more effective hiring journey for everyone involved.


Involving Managers Helps You Hire Right

The Long-Term Gain…


As I’m sure you already know, the impact of hiring the wrong person into your organisation can be far-reaching and costly. From the time wasted on extensive training to the decline in morale and productivity among affected teams, we want to avoid bad hiring decisions as much as possible. That’s why involving executives, managers, and team leads from the start and nailing those hiring choices is extremely important. 

According to Forbes, hiring the right candidates lays the foundation for enhanced productivity, maximised employee satisfaction, and lower turnover rates. So, trust us when we say that having the right people find the perfect fit for their teams pays off in the long run. Managers’ knowledge of what specific qualities to look for in candidates, combined with HR’s help in implementing seamless recruitment systems, ensures that you’re set to make stellar hires right from the start. Plus, this approach helps you steer clear of the hefty costs and wasted time tied to making bad hiring decisions!


Key Takeaways


Stray from conventional recruitment methods and start involving managers in the hiring process. As the people with the best understanding of their teams and hiring needs, their input will ensure that you make the right hiring decisions from the start, leading to enhanced productivity, greater employee satisfaction, and reduced turnover rates. 

By having managers and executives in charge of interviewing and candidate selection, HR can focus on more important division-specific tasks like refining processes, implementing systems, and creating better remuneration (REM) strategies. This collaborative approach empowers everyone to play to their strengths, ultimately leading to a smoother and more effective hiring process.

So, bring everyone together, make those smart hiring choices, and pave the way for a brighter and more successful future for your organisation!

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