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Specialised Organizational Chart Builder: Fast, Free and Feature-Packed

Specialised Organizational Chart Builder: Fast, Free and Feature-Packed

Looking for a tool to build an Organizational Chart quickly and affordably? How about one that gives you both of these, and on top of that, amazing by-products and long-term benefits as well? With tools such as the Martian Logic Org Chart which took the SaaS model and applied it to the HR context, you can step into a world where…

  • The boundaries for establishing proper HR tools are redrawn
  • Speed, affordability, and substance converge
  • The “trade-off” between efficiency and value doesn’t exist 

So, by investing in a generic diagram drawing tool that only delivers speed and affordability, you’ll miss the opportunity to gain access to a whole ecosystem of valuable features. Instead, get your hands on a specialised Org Chart builder that’s the very epitome of ‘good value’ – fast, free, and feature-packed.


Speed & Efficiency

Start Creating Your Org Chart Instantly


Thanks to modern platforms such as Martian Logic, building an Organizational Chart using a proper HR tool no longer requires navigating countless email exchanges or enduring months of waiting to get the system up and running. It’s like signing up for a news subscription – simply create an account, start exploring the platform, and begin customising it to your unique needs. 

Once you’re in, you can either opt to import your Org Chart data from an Excel spreadsheet or build it node-by-node. Both options are quick and easy, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for the user.



Leverage an Org Chart at Low Costs


Some specialised HR tools offer a ‘freemium’ model that gives users free access to the Org Chart module forever. The free plan serves as an excellent option for smaller organisations, while larger companies can leverage it for testing and determining its suitability as a tool for their HR team. 

If you find that this tool aligns well with your HR needs, the opportunity to enhance its capabilities is always readily available. You can opt to upgrade to premium or enterprise plans whenever you want, ensuring that you remain in full control of your expenses without any undue pressure from salespeople. With no lock-in contracts, you can navigate the platform at your own pace and cancel at any time.



By-Products & Long-Term Benefits


When you start building your Organizational Chart using a specialised HR tool such as Martian Logic, you’re not just constructing the chart itself – you’re simultaneously creating your unique Position Library and Employee Database. So, whether you choose to import your data from an Excel spreadsheet into the Org Chart or start building it node-by-node, the platform seamlessly compiles your employee and position data into these linked modules. This is made possible as the platform operates as a Single Source of Truth (SSoT), ensuring all data is stored in one unified location.

Unique Position Library

The unique Position Library serves as a centralised hub that neatly holds all of your positions in a single, user-friendly repository. This module allows you to easily locate and access position information across your organisation, offering an effective management solution for your HR teams. Some examples of key position details that HR must establish and maintain within the Position Library are remuneration (REM) data, duties and responsibilities, skills and experience, selection criteria, job descriptions, qualifications, and so on.

Employee Database

The employee database is a module that you automatically acquire when you create an Organizational Chart. It lets you effortlessly search for an employee and access their information/records from a completely up-to-date and trustworthy database. Every aspect of this module (i.e. filtering fields, forms, etc.) is fully customisable, allowing you to tailor the platform to suit your unique organisational needs. 

As both of these modules are connected directly to your Org Chart, any changes made to employee or position data – whether it’s via the Org Chart or the database itself – reflect uniformly across the platform, ensuring you never come across conflicting or inconsistent data.


Where Can You Find a Specialised Organizational Chart Builder?


Specialised Organizational Chart builder that meets your requirements for a quick and affordable solution, while taking it that extra step further and giving you a valuable tool for HR, is offered by HR software providers such as Martian Logic. Available from an entirely online platform, this tool for building Org Charts is accessible across all web browsers. Simply log in and start using it.


Key Takeaways

Designed to break down the barriers that have constrained HR teams for years, the specialised Org Chart building tool offered by Martian Logic is here to rid you of the belief that you’re forced to choose between either cheap and quick Org Chart creation or the long-term benefits of a robust HR tool. Just by creating an account, you can get started on building your Organizational Chart instantly and free of charge. 

And what makes this specialised tool the best choice for creating an Org Chart? In contrast to a generic diagram drawing tool, it opens doors to remarkable by-products and long-term benefits, including a unique Position Library and Employee Database to help boost efficiency and deliver long-term value for your HR teams.

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