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Don’t Miss The Inclusive Benefits of Creating an Organizational Chart With The Right Tool

Don’t Miss The Inclusive Benefits of Creating an Organizational Chart With The Right Tool

By using the ‘right’ tool to create an Organizational Chart, you can unlock a wide range of by-products and lasting benefits, while also meeting your needs for a quick, convenient, and low-cost solution – it’s all part of the packaged deal!

So, while numerous choices exist for Org Chart creation, why should you have to invest your resources in a generic diagram drawing tool that yields a lesser return on investment? Instead, consider using a specialised HR tool like Martian Logic to create an Org Chart that will become a valuable asset, for both the short-term and the long-term. It’s a solution that not only delivers the speed, convenience, and affordability you need, but goes beyond to give you the durability and functionality that you want. 

Don’t miss the opportunity for valuable HR benefits by using conventional diagram drawing tools that stop your investment at a static diagram. Instead, use a specialised Org Chart tool that gifts you efficiency, scalability, real-time updates, valuable features, and more – all for the same price.


What is The Right Tool for Creating Organizational Charts?


The right tool for creating an Organizational Chart should be…

  • Quick to get started with
  • Easy to use
  • Within budget
  • Helpful for HR teams
  • High return on investment (ROI)

Whichever tool you use to create your Org Chart should give you the greatest ROI possible so that you can maximise the benefits of having an Org Chart that you already intended to make for visualisation purposes. Also, assuming that the person responsible for constructing the Org Chart is likely to have other division-specific tasks to attend to, the last thing you want is their valuable time and effort to be wasted on developing a resource that might end up being underutilise or forgotten about.

Generic Diagram Drawing Tools vs. Proper HR Tools

Let’s get straight to the point: the ‘right’ tool for crafting an Organizational Chart doesn’t fall under the category of conventional diagram drawing tools like Visio or Canva. While they may offer you a quick and affordable way to create an Org Chart, they don’t give you nearly as much as you would otherwise get by using proper HR tools that are just as fast and cost-effective to acquire. 

On top of that, generic diagram drawing tools were not made specifically for the purpose of creating Org Charts. Whereas, specialised HR tools such as Martian Logic were designed with the needs of HR teams in mind – everything you need for creating and maintaining your Org Chart is baked within the platform for your convenience. 

Here is a comparison of what you would get by using each:



Benefits That Come With Using Proper HR Tools


In this section, we will outline the unique by-products and features you will get as part of your Org Chart by using a specialised HR tool to create it. Amplifying the strength of your efforts beyond quick Org Chart creation, tools such as Martian Logic will provide you with long-term benefits for both your HR team and your organisation as a whole. 

1 – Instant Data Import From Excel

With the data import tool as a core function of your Org Chart module, you gain the ability to effortlessly and instantly transform an Excel spreadsheet filled with employee and position details, into a comprehensive Organizational Chart. The platform seamlessly handles this process for you, converting raw data into a visually rich and interactive structure of all the employees and positions that make up your organisation.

2 – Unique Position Library & Employee Database

When you acquire the Org Chart module, you simultaneously acquire access to a Unique Position Library and Employee Database that can be used to more effectively manage your employees and positions. All three of these modules are created in unison as the platform stores all data in one place (this is known as a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) data architecture) and draws upon that data to populate the Position Library, Employee Database, and Org Chart. No extra costs or work to get these modules up-and-running – it’s all included when you start creating your Org Chart with a specialised HR tool like Martian Logic.

3 – Live Sharing Options

Unlike generic diagram drawing tools, a specialised HR tool gives you the option to share a real-time updating version of your Org Chart with people, both internally and externally. Whether your Org Chart is shared through a direct link or embedded within your intranet, the live sharing option provides versatility and convenience for your users, allowing them to expand/collapse sections, delve into nodes, and engage in more interactive actions. It’s the utility that you wouldn’t gain from having just a static diagram of reporting lines and positions.

4 – Recruiting, Cross-Boarding & Offboarding Abilities

Leveraging an Org Chart that was created using a specialised HR tool means that you’re already set up to launch employee-related processes directly from it. This is evident in Org Chart solutions like the Martian Logic Org Chart, where every node you create functions as an interactive hub for facilitating recruitment and onboarding, cross-boarding/change of conditions, and offboarding. 

For example, when searching for a new hire, you can trigger the recruitment process on your Org Chart with just a simple click on the designated node. A pop-up will ask you to select the appropriate workflow, prompting tailored forms for that specific position vacancy to appear. Once a candidate is selected and their contract has been signed (or their onboarding pack has been completed), their information is automatically populated into the Org Chart.

This streamlined approach also applies to changes in employee conditions and off-boarding processes. Effortlessly initiated from the Org Chart, the subsequent changes automatically update across the system once they have been approved by the designated approvers. These dynamic functionalities make your Org Chart a valuable asset for managing employees and positions, delivering a wide array of long-term benefits for your HR team.


Key Takeaways


By starting to create an Org Chart using the right tools, you’re not only ensuring a quick, convenient, and cost-effective solution, but you’re also setting your HR team up for access to a range of valuable modules and long-term benefits. Instead of investing your resources into a generic diagram drawing tool with limited returns, consider the advantages of using a specialised HR tool like Martian Logic. This tool doesn’t just provide speed and affordability, but it goes beyond expectations by offering a host of functionalities designed to optimise your Org Chart creation process and deliver a plethora of amazing by-products and features.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to use a specialised HR tool – not just for creating an Organizational Chart, but for building a strategic asset for the success of your HR team!

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