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Speed, Savings and HR Brilliance Rolled Into One Supercharged Organizational Chart Tool

Speed, Savings and HR Brilliance Rolled Into One Supercharged Organizational Chart Tool

Ever heard of a specialised HR tool for creating Organizational Charts that is quick to acquire, affordable for organisations of all sizes, and valuable for both the short term and long term? Almost sounds too good to be true. But, we’re thrilled to share that this supercharged tool is available and ready for you to get started with right now. Created exclusively for HR teams, this innovative solution changes the game and eliminates the need for trade-offs. 

So, if you’re curious about whether you need one or not, how quickly and affordably you can acquire this tool, and the built-in features and benefits that it comes with, then keep reading!


Why Do You Need a Supercharged Organizational Chart Tool?


Traditionally, organisations would have to choose between spending a large portion of their time and budget on setting up complex software for a high-level Organizational Chart or settling for a generic diagram drawing tool for a quicker and more affordable option. However, the thing with diagram drawing tools is that they aren’t made to accommodate the needs of HR teams specifically. Yes, you can use it to create presentations and pamphlets, but if you need an Org Chart that can capture 1000 employees occupying positions in different countries, then tools like Canva or Visio just aren’t sustainable. 

You need something that is just as quick and affordable to use but that can deliver on your specific HR needs. That’s why supercharged Organizational Chart tools such as the Martian Logic Org Chart have been developed – to give you a solution that bridges the gap between speed, savings, and HR efficiency. Charged with all the advanced maintenance, editing, sharing, and integratable features required to maintain an up-to-date and reliable Org Chart, this is the tool you’re looking for.


How Quickly Can You Get It Up & Running?


Quick Set-Up, Just Sign Up

With specialised Org Chart tools like Martian Logic, the process of getting access to the platform is swift and intuitive. With no set-up costs or lock-in factors, it only takes a few seconds to sign up for a free account. This easy and straightforward process aims to minimise technical hurdles and give you access to the platform to get building right away.

Import Your Data or Build It Using Specialised Tools

There are two ways to use a supercharged HR tool to build an Org Chart: import your data or build it node-by-node.

1 – Import Your Data:

For those looking to transfer data from existing systems or spreadsheets, a specialised Org Chart tool like Martian Logic offers the ability to import your existing position and employee information directly into the platform. By uploading an Excel spreadsheet, your data is seamlessly transformed into a fully-fledged and interactive Org Chart, ensuring efficiency and minimising the time required to get your Org Chart up and running.

2 – Build It Using Specialised Tools:

If you wish to start building your Organizational Chart from scratch, then you can opt to use the tools provided to add nodes and customise the information held within them. With these HR-specific tools in place, you won’t need to worry about adding textboxes, shapes, and arrows – simply enter your employee and position details and the platform will do all the formatting work for you. 

Designed to help streamline the Org Chart creation process without compromising on integrity, both options are time-efficient and easy to work with.


The Free Plan


Some specialised HR tools such as Martian Logic, offer a freemium model ensuring that it costs absolutely nothing to acquire. This model gives you the Org Chart module for free and to be able to use forever. 

What’s Included In The Free Plan? 

1. Up to 20 Org Chart Nodes: With the free plan, you can test, explore, and leverage the specialised Org Chart builder for up to 20 nodes. 

2. Import Tool: Using the powerful import tool that’s baked into your Org Chart module, you can instantly transform data from an Excel spreadsheet into a fully-fledged and functional Org Chart.

3. Over 200 Features: Tools like the Martian Logic Org Chart builder are designed specifically for HR teams and provide you with a wide range of features to help you manage your positions and employees seamlessly. 

Overall, the free plan offered by companies such as Martian Logic provides access to a wide range of features and functions, making it a great option for creating Org Charts quickly and easily.

Who Can Use The Free Plan?

With no restrictions on who can use it, the free plan is available to anyone who signs up. While it is the perfect option for smaller organisations looking to create Org Charts quickly and easily, larger organisations can benefit from it as well by testing out the platform at their own pace and deciding whether it is something that benefit their organisation in the long run. 


What Comes With A Supercharged Organizational Chart?


A supercharged Organizational Chart tool, like the one offered by Martian Logic, comes with several features and by-products that have been baked into the platform to deliver you long-term value and benefits. In our previous blog, we outlined what these ‘inclusive benefits’ are. However, here is a general overview of what you can expect:

1 – Up-To-Date To The Second

A specialised Org Chart is designed to be automatically up-to-date and self-healing with every change made to your employees or position data. So rather than relying on a human resource to track these changes and update your diagram accordingly, this automated solution ensures that your Org Chart is always accurate and reflects the current state of your organisation.

2 – Customise Every Aspect of Your Org Chart

With the ability to fully customise how you interact with and access your employee and position information on your Org Chart, you can choose to display details either on the surface of the nodes, or tucked away within each. 

3 – Unique Position Library & Employee Database

When you use supercharged Org Chart tools such as Martian Logic to create your Organizational Chart, you simultaneously build two other modules. Since the platform only stores your data in one place (maintaining this Single Source of Truth (SSoT) data architecture), it pulls that information and compiles it in ways that you can easily manage your employees and positions. So, whether you want to access only position information, employee details, or an overview of your organisational structure, the flexibility of the platform gives you these options.

4 – Central Platform for Employee-Related Processes

A supercharged Org Chart tool is designed to give you more than just a pretty picture of your organisation. It serves as a central platform for initiating all major HR tasks, from recruiting and onboarding to change of conditions and offboarding. Having all your employee-related processes managed from one central platform will help improve efficiency and ease of collaboration for your HR team.


Key Takeaways


Overall, supercharged Organizational Chart tools such as the Martian Logic Org Chart builder offer speed, savings, and HR brilliance by providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the specific needs of HR teams while being accessible and cost-effective for organisations of all sizes. 

With a simple and quick sign-up process, you can gain free access to an Organizational Chart builder made for HR teams that comes with over 200 features, a built-in position library and employee database, and overall, long-term benefits for your organisation. 

So yes, it’s a proper HR tool but no, it doesn’t require hefty set-up costs or long wait times to get started with. 

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