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Does Your Organizational Chart Need An Upgrade?

Does Your Organizational Chart Need An Upgrade?

Is your Organizational Chart meeting your needs? It’s a tricky question as you might be thinking, “all it’s really used for is to see who reports to whom”. But as every organisation has different requirements and demands, it’s important to ask yourself: how is our Org Chart benefiting our organisation? Is it streamlining admin work? Is it improving communication? Is it helping employees feel like part of the team? If it’s not, then it might be time for an upgrade.

As a resource you’ve invested time and effort into creating, you deserve to have an Org Chart that contributes to the success of your organisation. It should be easy for employees to confidently access whenever they need to, understand where they are in your organisation, and quickly retrieve the up-to-date information they’re looking for, whether that is who to consult for graphic design help or what time an overseas employee is available. 

So, in today’s blog, we want to ask you 3 questions to diagnose whether your current Org Chart is sufficient for your unique needs, or find out if a better solution is required. 


Q1 – Does Your Organisation Offer Hybrid or Remote Work?


If your organisation embraces a hybrid or remote work model, then you know just how important it is to stay connected and involved across distances. However, relying on Organizational Charts that merely outline reporting lines, position titles, and names can leave employees in the dark about things like who to reach out to for specific projects and how to get in touch with those people. This situation is particularly tough for fully remote workers who miss out on the spontaneous office interactions and quick chats over coffee. The question arises: does your current Org Chart truly facilitate communication for all members of your team? If you find yourself hesitating, then it might be time for an upgrade.

Help Remote Employees Get To Know The Team

Specialised Org Chart tools such as Martian Logic bridge the gap between all team members (remote and in-person) by letting you hold unlimited data about your employees and positions in a clear and easy-to-navigate way. For example, to give employees a quick way to find out who to contact for what, you can display the contact details, location, time zone, and current project of each employee on your Org Chart. And that’s not all – with user-friendly expandable options, you’ll never grapple with cramped nodes again. This tool gives you the option to showcase information right on the nodes themselves or neatly tucked away within them. It’s a clear and organised way to give your remote and hybrid employees the information and inclusivity they need.

Give Remote Employees Easy Access To Your Org Chart

To share your Org Chart, modern tools give you two options that provide online access to an up-to-date and interactive version of your Organizational Chart. The first option is using a ‘share link’. Anyone who receives this link will be taken to a web page where they can go in and expand, collapse, or even click into elements on your Org Chart for further information retrieval. The other option is to use the embed link to share it on your company intranet. These web-based live sharing options will make sure that everyone who views your Org Chart is on the same page and looking at the most updated version of your organisational structure, regardless of where they are.


Q2 – Is Your Organisation Growing Rapidly?


If you’re an organisation that experiences rapid growth or has plans for team expansion, you need an Organizational Chart that can scale and evolve with you every step of the way. Can your current Org Chart keep up with employee movements and position changes by itself? If you answered no to this question, then you might want to consider switching to an Organizational Chart that can. 

Track Employee Movements Automatically

Modern-day HR tools such as the Martian Logic Org Chart builder, have integrated features such as the ‘requisition workflow’ that merge the processes of approving changes and documenting those changes into one convenient platform. With this intelligent tool, your Org Chart can instantly capture new hires, changes of employee conditions, and departing employees on its own. For example, once changes are approved by the appropriate executives and managers, the Org Chart will automatically update the necessary details, leaving you with an accurate and reliable point of reference at all times. 

Capture Organisational Growth 

With specialised Organizational Charts such as Martian Logic, you won’t need to worry about the speed or efficiency of the tool being compromised. It’s been developed to deal with large amounts of data, ensuring it is fully scalable to accommodate organisations of all sizes.


Q3 – Is Your Current Org Chart A Hassle To Edit?


Using a basic diagram drawing tool (like Microsoft Visio or Canva) for Organizational Charts might have served its purpose in the past, but it’s no longer a sufficient solution if you want to maintain your competitive edge. If you’ve ever tried to edit your Org Chart using these tools, then you’ll understand the headache and hassle it brings. A simple move of a reporting line requires you to copy and paste shapes, alter textboxes, shift the entire structure, and re-format the lines and arrows. So, rather than spending time and effort on cumbersome admin work, your HR teams should be able to focus their efforts on more important tasks such as implementing processes, refining payroll strategies, and so on. 

If your Organizational Chart falls into this category, it’s a strong indication that an upgrade is due. Modern Org Chart solutions, such as Martian Logic, offer automatic and real-time updates, as well as easy editing and maintenance tools. You’ll never have to worry about Org Chart elements getting tangled up or duplicated – all you need to do is click a button, enter your information, and watch as your changes seamlessly translate across the platform.


Key Takeaways


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these 3 questions, then it might be an indication that your Organizational Chart needs an upgrade. 

To accommodate for your evolving business needs, invest in an Org Chart that enhances communication, adapts to growth, and simplifies administrative work. It’ll help improve communication and a sense of belonging, keep everyone up-to-date, and free up your HR team for more valuable division-specific tasks. So, make the upgrade to a specialised HR tool such as Martian Logic, to unlock the full potential of your Organizational Chart and set yourself up for success.

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